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DECEMBER 15,2019

 you are invited to Discover the wisdom of the womb and connect to the intuitive guiding force that you hold. Removing non-supportive conditioning and becoming free of competition and comparisons, so to awaken that harmonious and self-assuring feminine graciousness. Women have been gathering for centuries to honor each other and share from the heart. It is a way of letting the infinite wisdom, creativity and beauty we all have – revel itself, while shedding away blockages, misconceptions and complexes.

       why should you attend?

  • Being with other woman brings fresh inspiration.

  • Be more present in your body and tuned into your intuition.

  • Cultivate self love Learn about Tantra; the Shakti / yin energy essential knowledge to support harmonious relationships.

  • Validate and discover your unique qualities.

what's included 

  • spa entrance 

  • workshop

  • lunch/evening snack

About the venue

jade sauna is a women only facility with dry sauna ,wet sauna,salt,room lockers,robes towels and sandals provided (clothing optional facility)

please note that well we will be in a clothing optional facility we will wear robes during the workshop