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What should I expect from a Tantra session?

Tantra is not easily described in general statements. What you may experience during a session varies depending on your current state, and the particular concerns that you are experiencing.


There are many different methods that we may use to deal with the concerns that you hope to address, and it can be a very pleasant experience, but you should keep in mind that Tantra is not like a visit to your medical doctor. Instead, it calls for a very active effort on your part. In order for the therapy to be the most successful, you will have to work on the things that we talk about, both during our sessions and at home.


Since Tantric therapy often involves discussing unpleasant aspects of your life, you may experience uncomfortable feelings. However, Tantra has also been shown to have many benefits, and often leads to better solutions to specific concerns, and significant reductions in feelings of distress.


Is a Tantra massage different from a session?

Tantric massage is a complementary part of Tantric therapy but also available to book  separate as a treatment only, giving you the opportunity to experience the pampering side of Tantra. The setting is inviting and relaxing, and is the perfect environment for a private retreat.

Tantric work includes significantly more physical and emotional vulnerability than a massage therapy session. However, it can also provide a state of bliss that can't be replicated.

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