• What is a Tantra Session?


A tantra session, is designed for relaxation,healing and connection.


Tantra can be effective in dealing with wounds and blockages pertaining to intimacy, sexuality, and relationships. Both men and women can discover new dimensions when touch is slow, meditative, and purposeful. For women, tantra may empower and fulfill their desires by receiving platonic touch from a someone who is completely free of ulterior motives. For men, tantra may open up a vast new world of intimacy. For couples, tantra may create a more meaningful and intimate connection.


Tantra sessions may also enhance emotional facility, allowing the body, heart,and Spirit to move towards enlightenment The session takes place in an environment of trust and safety which promotes well being. Before the session, we establish boundaries, purpose and intention for the Session.


  •  Do I need a consultation  prior to schedule a session


This is your journey,it is important that you feel well informed and are giving the opportunity to address all your questions consultations are available prior to booking a session.


  • Will there be nudity?


Not necessary, or required.even though,the tantric practices can be done in any state of un/dress. I will provide a sarong for you to wear during the session.This creates a safe environment, allowing you to breathe in a comfortable way as you begin exploring Tantra within.


  • I've heard Tantra involves sex. Is that right?


When you practice Tantra with your partner or lover it can certainly involve sex and that's a wonderful way of connecting at a deeper level. However, it requires preliminary education, purification and spiritual practice before a person is actually ready to explore the journey of sexual Tantra.


I feel a bit nervous about booking a Session. I am not sure I will be able to do what is expected.


In Tantra, we work with your energy.so there is not much of "doing "is more about being in the present moment. Don't worry , it will be so nourishing and refreshing to feel so comfortable. You will find it will have

lasting and deep effects with your confidence and personal growth .


  • What should I expect from a session?


You may experience emotional release as well as feeling deeply cared for and connected with your entire being.well your life force energy is awakened,It may make you feel as if you are in a trance,without separating from consciousness where inhibitions dissolve, time disappears, worries and problems no longer seem important, or are forgotten altogether.


First time Sessions can be a few minutes longer  after the first session  we will adjust the time accordingly. 

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