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The tantra studio provides tantric massage, intimacy education, healing, and counseling with a tantric philosophy approach

Tantric massage aims to move life force energy to balance the subtle energies within our bodies to heal and/or enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness 

Intimacy education consist of open conversation  ,hands-on teachings, and resources to help understand our own body

Tantric healing focuses  on restoring the alignment of life force energy  this not only refers to trauma but ,also energetic imbalance

Counseling with a tantric approach means we address everything that is going on in your life physically, sexually ,spiritually and emotionally

Our holistic therapy focuses on the "Whole self" to help restore balance as fully as possible. We look at the root of the imbalance you may be currently experiencing in order to establish a long lasting harmony within.

Initial consultation is required to better understand your needs, If you are new to the studio please book a consultation

you are welcome to book it separate or in addition to your session

 clients from all backgrounds of believes ,sexual orientation or marital status are welcome!

The sessions are conducted in a private, sacred and non-judgmental environment .

The tantra studio is Certified by the American college of sexologist and the institute of complementary Therapist  code of conduct and regulations are strictly followed 

Our Holistic Therapy focuses on the “Whole Self” to help Restore the Body as fully as possible.

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